Tailormap GIS viewer.
Create the perfect map, for any professional discipline.

A map showing tailored information. The way you want it. Which you implement and publish online yourself.

As a professional, you look at a map from your own very specific perspective. Perhaps your focus is on the built environment, or green spaces, or the network of electricity cables or water pipes. Whatever the case, you want the map to show nothing more than the information that is relevant for your discipline, for your employees and for your customers. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less! All this is possible with the Tailormap GIS viewer. The viewer is linked to numerous databases that contain up-to-date information about public spaces. Our easy-to-use software lets you decide what information you want to show and what functionality (buttons) you want to enable. You determine the legend and choose the right style for your organization. You create your own professional map and make it available online to your employees and/or customers. With Tailormap, of course!



Residential, water, work?

The municipality of Vlaardingen is located in the middle of the Rijnmond area. This area is a hotchpotch of water, homes, businesses and factories. In addition to all the buildings and the district layout, this viewer also shows you the business sites and waterside moorings. You use the filter to choose which functions (residential, leisure, business) you want to show on the map. The demo retrieves information from the municipality's Addresses and Buildings Database.

What age is this tree?

Residents admire with pride the historic, magnificent trees in the area where they live. This map can be used to retrieve comprehensive information about these trees: their history, their size, the conditions of use, protection orders against felling and much more. The trees highlighted on the map each have a photograph and short description. A link to a website with extensive background information can also be included.