Tailormap GIS viewer.
How it works

How GIS works

GIS stands for Geographical Information System.

It contains information on the specific features and infrastructure at a specific location, anywhere in the world. Showing for example houses, underground cables or a community center. The GIS (generally) retrieves this information from public databases and presents it clearly as a map.


As the manager or user of public spaces, you can access and display a wealth of relevant information with the Tailormap GIS Viewer. This aids decision-taking and also makes it easier for your employees or your customers to find and use information.


The possible combinations of search criteria are almost infinite. Such as:

How many buildings are there in an area that is at risk of flooding?

How close are the child day care centers in this city to areas with air pollution, or to areas where power lines are located?

What are the locations in this city for which you can request a fireworks permit?

What is the best location to start a new school?

Do you have any specific questions of your own about public spaces? Please contact us to discuss how we can help: info@tailormap.nl .

Open Source

Tailormap was developed by B3Partners, a company that focuses entirely on integrating GIS in the operational processes of both government and commerce. In more than 15 years of trading, we have earned a solid reputation in the area of open standards and Open Source. We take existing developments and refine and improve them. Sharing our personal expertise and the components we develop is part of our mission. This approach has many advantages for our customers; e.g. vendor independence, sustainable products and cost savings.

B3Partners has designed and built a number of major Open Source projects such as Flamingo GeoCMS and the BRMO geodata warehouse.

This software is available via Github.com/B3partners. In addition, we actively contribute to the development of Open Source initiatives such as Geotools. Tailormap is based on Flamingo GeoCMS and is therefore also fully Open Source.


Tailormap offers additional features such as:

  • Professional support and helpdesk
  • Available as a cloud service
  • Available in English and German in addition to Dutch
  • Other languages available on request

  • Compatible with international map projections
  • Improved online help texts
  • Comes with quick-start configurations

If you have any questions about the technical features and specifications of the different versions of Tailormap, please contact us by telephone (+31 30 2142081) or by email.